Me a newsletter editor?

The newsletter editor ( Bob Richter ) of my ham radio club has passed away.  So I have decided to take on the job.

This will be a task well outside my normal box!  I look forward to the different challenges though!

Choosing a Masonic Ring

Now that I am a master Mason, I have been looking to find a ring now and decided on a ring from Amazon.   I don’t have large budget.   This one is only $15.   The reviews were good maybe in a couple of years maybe I will upgrade.

Blue Lightning

Blue Lightning

Well, it’s official, I am a Master Mason now.

I went from Entered Apprentice to Master Mason in one day.

Now that’s not to take anything away from the Blue Lightning.   It was an unforgettable experience and a memory I will cherish for many years to come.

Almost 60 people were in attendance, half of which participated in one form or another.  We had 10 candidates go through (1 Fellowcraft and 9 Entered Apprentice).

I am looking forward to seeing this again as their were many lesson to be learned.


Lodge Blue Lighting 

Lodge Blue Lighting 

Jan 21st my lodge will be performing a blue lightning.     I am one of the candidates and looking forward to the experience.

Many masons do not like blue lightnings sighting the candidates did not get the full experience from the ceremonies.

If given the choice I would prefer a traditional ceremony but I understand why the lodge has chosen to do the blue lightning.   The lodge has 11 candidates in waiting so it makes sense.

Hamfester’s Club meeting

Hamfester’s Club meeting

My ham radio club, W9AA Hamfester’s Radio Club has their meeting the first Friday of each month.

We had a memorial for the Sk’s that passed in 2016.    It seems we did have more sk’s in 2016 than our fair share.

Then we had a bit of nostalgia night.  We watched some video that was made in the 90’s of International Space Station contact made at a high school.    That was very entertaining watching the students ask the astronauts questions.

Freemasons for Dummies

Freemasons for Dummies

I am being raised to a Master Mason this month, so I wanted to do some extra reading.

I started to read “Freemasons for Dummies” last night.   As I was trying to choose which book, my thought on this book was “a Dummies book?”.  Really?   As I looked into it more, I realized it is a very respected book among many masons.

The author is Chris Hodapp and is a well respected mason and has authored many other books regarding Freemasonry.

I just finished the Introduction.   My impression is, “I like it!”.      He seams to have a no holds bar to his opinion and jokes around a bit.   I like the style as it kept my interest so far.    Chris stats that it can be used as a reference book as well.   So it will like stick in my library for some time.

Geocaching on New Year’s Day

My brother ET Mayhem invited me to geocache in Indiana with him, wife, and son-in-law today.

Objective, 100 finds in one day!   We found 74!    Still not a bad days work.   All of them were park n grabs in the farm lands.  There was practically one at every intersection in street signs.

This put me over the 400 mark milestone and a great start to the year!  Here a few pics.

I think it was supposed to be a rabbit.
No caches here, just a cool abandoned township/school building


Pepe Le Pew
Location where I found my 400th cache!


Many of the were really easy.
Then some none of has had to get out of the car.  Just reach right from the window.
Half Turtle / Half Squirrel
That was supposed to be a Panda.  I didn’t see it though.
Our last find of the day.   Owned by my brother ET Mayhem.